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Welcome to my site.

I do hope you enjoy learning a little bit about me and my work. I have completed the first two volumes of my trilogy Reality Bites, which I think is aptly named, because the reality is, Vampires exist, and boy do they bite.

The trilogy is written for the Young Adult market–though I have to say–many of my fans are older, so I guess you could say my writing is ageless. My books are heavy on the action and light on the romance, that’s not to say there isn’t any; it’s just not the main focus of my writing. I also like to throw in a bit of humour, some subtle, some not so much..

My writing is heavily focused on the characters, whether I am right or wrong, I believe that the characters are the story. No matter how good the plot is, if your characters don’t bring life to it, your book won’t work. A reader should be able to relate to a good character, to love, hate or find them annoying. As long as I invoke either one of these emotions, I have succeeded.

Reality Bites trilogy
A Taste of Reality
A Taste of the Past
A Taste of the Future (Coming soon)

You can find out all about my first two books by clicking on my "Books” tab.


I also thought that I would share a little of my other passions with you. Those being, my love of photography and my beautiful German shepherds, Willow Bear and Alba Wolf, who are so often the subjects of my photography. You can browse some of my favourite photos by clicking on the "Photograph" tab then following the link to my Flickr account.

Feel free to browse and if you have any questions, comments or feedback you’ll find my contact details on, of course, my “Contacts” page.



Jo and her girls My Big Sister  Willow and Alba relaxing

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