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Born in north-east England in 1963, I was raised in a normal loving family. Went to a normal school, earned a reputation as a normal, average student and developed in the normal way. But there my normality stopped.

I have always had an overactive imagination, during the day I’d spend hours at a time talking and playing with my pet duck, a duck I might add that did not exist. While at night, my vivid dreams transported me into dark and often scary worlds.

My imagination was further fuelled by the many books I read, and yes, I was one of those kids who stayed up well after bedtime, huddled under the bed covers with a torch, reading just one more chapter, until there were no more to read.  My obsession with books lessened a little when I turned eleven, and my parents gave me a very special gift; my first camera. It was a Kodak pocket camera and it became my new best friend.

Skipping ahead, I left school at the age of 16, safe in the knowledge that there were two things in life I would never, ever do. One, I would never work in a factory. Two, I would never work in a shop. So you can imagine my excitement when I got my first full-time a factory. I found myself clipping threads from make-up bags, though not an overly challenging job, it awarded me with ample time to grow my imagination. After 12 months of devoted clipping, I moved to Scotland for a year where I waited tables and worked behind the bar, before heading back to Blyth, my home town.

Shortly after that, an exciting opportunity presented itself to me in the shape of a twelve month work visa to Australia. There I learned the ins and outs of working in MacDonald’s and other service oriented jobs. At the end of that period, just like the migrating swallow, I returned to Blyth. Of course I needed a job and soon found myself once more working in a factory, this time making components for car ignition locks, things were looking up.

I was twenty-one when I returned to Australia, this time as permanent resident, and I’m pleased to say that I was able to avoid factory work. This time I got a job in a shop, (so much for life planning). But as it turned out, this was a good thing. I undertook some tertiary education, and made a career for myself, working my way from check-out-chick to store manager within 6 years. Until, nineteen years after my arrival in Australia, I met the man of my dreams, got married and quit my job to help my husband with his IT business.

So, how have my life experiences led me to writing a book? Well I guess my love of reading, evolved into a love of writing, which merged with my love of photography, and in a way that was my first introduction to storytelling, albeit visual. For most of my adult life I have been writing, telling stories and creating visual art. However, it wasn’t until my husband was offered a full time position with a company he had been consulting for, that I was given the gift of time. This gift allowed me to delve into the recesses of my mind and scrape out some of the characters, ideas and stories that I had buried there over the years. This luxury of time, for indeed it was a luxury, enabled me to bring some of my ideas life.

Oh, and as you can see from my planned 250 word biography, (I’ll save you counting, there’s over 600) I seem incapable of sticking to a plan, and I simply love to write.

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