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      A Tast of the Past     

The Reality Bites trilogy is a fun, modern urban fantasy, full of action, humour and personal conflict. It follows the journey of Rosie and her friends who find themselves thrust into the dark and dangerous world, where vampires and lycans wander the streets of Melbourne.

The journey begins in the first volume, A Taste of Reality, when the teenagers first stumble across vampires in a Goth nightclub. A series of unfortunate events drags them ever deeper into the world of the vampires, and when they are brought to the attention of a vengeful pure-blood; they find themselves fighting for their lives. As the story unfolds there are shocks and twists, ancient vampiric vendettas, confrontations and battles, and an ending that will leave you with Goose bumps.

The Story continues with the second volume, A Taste of the Past. Rosie is faced with personal conflicts that would drive any sane person crazy, but she is not the only one with demons to battle against. When a confused, obsessed, new-born becomes fixated with one of their own, the teenagers must go head to head with the vampires again, but this time they have some unsuspected allies. With old enemies–and knew–Rosie and her friends are pushed to their limits but not everyone will survive.

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